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Samsung Galaxy S6 Cell Phone Screen? STOP! Don't make it worse! Trust your Samsung Galaxy S6 Cell Phone Screen Repair to Samsung Galaxy S6 LCD Replacement Service Professionals!

Samsung Galaxy S6 Cell Phone Screen Repair

Samsung Galaxy S6 Cell Phones come in various colors depending what cell phone carrier you purchased it from. Samsung Galaxy S6 Screen Replacement or LCD replacement is necessary when your lcd looks like paint splatter, black screen with lit buttons, vertical multi color lines or all white lcd screen. Just like the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 digitizer LCD screen display is larger than the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 digitizer at 6 inchs and 1080 pixel screen display resolution. Being that that the Samsung Galaxy S6 LCD viewing area looks terrific, it's larger surface area exposes it potentially to a higher number of screen breakages, cracks on your glass digitizer and shattering of your lcd. Potentially, because simply using as little as a Samsung Galaxy screen protector, enclosed Otterbox case or Lifeproof cell phone case can substantially reduce your chances of cracking or breaking your cell phone digitizer lcd screen. It also helps prevent malfunctioning, if dropped from higher distances or pressure. Using the proper screen protection simply extends the life of your device. Repairing the Samsung Galaxy S6 digitizer glass takes in most cases 2 hours. The digitizer is the top layer of glass on your cell phone that is adhered to the underlying layer LCD which in most cases, is not repairable but is replaceable. If you have cracked the top layer glass digitizer we can replace it, if you have damaged the bottom layer or lcd, then usually both layers must be replaced. We can replace your Samsung Galaxy S6 LCD and digitizer assembly in less than 3 hours but it does cost more than just replacing the top layer alone. One sure way to know if your LCD needs to be replaced is to simply turn your Samsung Galaxy S6 on and if it remains black, then it must be replaced. If your Samsung Galaxy S6 LCD screen interior crystals have been shattered and looks like paint splatter or ink splatter, then Samsung Galaxy S6 LCD Replacement services will be needed. Samsung Galaxy S6 LCD Repair is nearly impossible, thats why Samsung Galaxy S6 Screen Replacement and Samsung Galaxy S7 LCD Replacement are both necessary. The S6 has rounded edges which differs from the Samsung Galaxy S5. It is lighter and narrower than the Samsung Galaxy S4 Located at the bottom of the Samsung Galaxy S6 is the microphone and a micro USB port for convenient connections and charging. Located at the top of the Samsung Galaxy s6 is the front facing camera, a second microphone and headphone input jack The Samsung Galaxy s6 does not support FM radio which differs from previous models like the Samsung Galaxy S5. For more information about Samsung cell phone device repairs check out our Cell Phone Repair Price List