404 Computer Repair Company Policies for All Electronic Devices

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Our goal is to create fans, not just customers. If your not completely happy at anytime with your experience please contact us and we will make every effort to resolve your issue to your satisfaction.

Privacy Policy

404 Media Group Repair LLC d.b.a. 404 Computer Repair LLC respect your rights and privacy. We never sell, trade or transfer your personal information outside our company.  We collect only basic information at the time you submit a service request. This information includes your name, address and phone number. Your personal information is not used.

404 Computer Repair LLC d.b.a. 404 Computer Repair will fulfill your request for services, or to contact you regarding your repairs.

Data Loss

Although we take every effort to save your data, unless customers specifically request our data backup service, each customer  is responsible for backing up any and all data that is stored on their computers prior to being serviced.

Abandonment Policy

Due to the limited space and property liability issues, we CANNOT hold your device forever.  In keeping with this, all customers agree to make a diligent effort to keep in contact with 404 Media Group LLC d.b.a. 404 Computer Repair LLC and decide how they would like their order resolved in a timely manner.

If 404 Media Group LLC d.b.a. 404 Computer Repair LLC don’t hear from you (via email, phone or fax) for a period of more than 45 days we will assume you have abandoned your order with us and we will take the following action:
We will attempt to contact you via email and/or phone (if we have both) at least 3 times and wait until it has been 60 days from our last contact with our customer. If then we are still are unable to resolve the desired action, at that point we will assume your order and its contents have been permanently abandoned and we will irreversibly dispose of your orders contents.