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If your asking yourself, where can I find computer repair near me? or where can I find cell phone repair near me? When your counting on professionally certified computer repair technicians and you want your computer repairs, laptop repairs and cell phone repair done right the first time, come to 404 Computer Repair and don"t want to waste time. We understand you need to be connected to the world on your cell phone, iPad or computer. We support your every cell phone repair, computer repair and laptop computer repair need. If your computer motherboard has failed on you, or your LCD video is black or cracked, No problem we've got you covered. Broken or cracked laptop screen, LCD laptop screen, corrupt laptop hard drive files data recovery, data retrieval, bad video cards, laptop keyboard replacement, usb port repair, laptop hinge repair or your laptop computer power jack repair need to be completed due to it becoming unsoldered or detached from your laptop computer motherboard, we have successful solutions for any situation. We've got you covered. What is Computer repair maintenance? Computer repair maintenance or pm checks as they are called in the computer repair service industry are performance maintenance checks that have been planned, established and written steps on a pm check sheet to extend the life of your computer. All of the components inside of your computer housing will be properly cleaned, also a diagnostic analysis will be performed on them to determine their health and stability. Computer repair Canton Georgia residents can rely on our Marietta location for their laptop screen repair. Our Marietta Georgia location is right next door to the Piccadilly Cafe which is centrally located, making it really convenient for cell phone repair Marietta Georgia and cell phone screen repair Atlanta Georgia workers. We have cheaper cell phone repair in Atlanta because we care and we love to fix cell phones, it's that simple. Compare our cell phone screen repair or any of our cell phone repair cost to the other cell pone repair companies, let's say CPR cell phone repair and then call us to schedule a cell phone repair appointment or just walk in to one of our cell phone repair Atlanta or Marietta locations. We specialize in Samsung Galaxy S4 cell phone screen repair, as well as iPhone and LG cell phones. All of Atlanta take advantage of our great pricing on cell phone accessories and repairs. Cell phone repair customers in Marietta, and of course all residents can drop in on us at our cell phone screen repair and computer repair facility located at 360 Cobb Parkway South, Marietta, Georgia, 30060