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Samsung Galaxy S4 USB logicboard Repair Video

Does your cell phone charge slowly or isn't charging at all, We make your USB cell phonelogicboard repair services easier for you. We are one of the only cell phone repair shops that actually repair cell phonelogicboards, although in many cases your USB cell phonelogicboard need to be replaced. If you are located anywhere else in the United States, you can conveniently package and ship your cell phone or tablet to our location. SSamsung Galaxy S4 Cell Phone and Samsung Galaxy Mega Cell Phone cell phonelogicboard repairs, as well as Kindle Fire, Apple iPhone 4 and Apple iPhone 5S cell phonelogicboard repairs are relatively easy in comparison to HTC cell phonelogicboard replacement. We respond urgently to any cell phone charging repair need. All cell phones and tablets will be handled in an professional, confidential and efficient manner to help you when you need it most. The 1st step in dealing with power loss is the most critical, recognizinglogicboard issues and determining what the actual issue is. Sometimes cell phone USB logicboard repair isn't the problem, it can be as simple as replacing your USB wall charger. To keep time and cost to a minimum, contact 404 Computer Repair Services immediately and leave your cell phone or tablet in the hands of trusted professionals. We can repair Apple Cell Phone USB logicboard Repair, Blackberry Cell Phone USB logicboard Repair, HTC Cell Phone USB logicboard Repair, Motorola Cell Phone USB logicboard Repair, Samsung Cell Phone USB logicboard Repair and more. Sony Cell Phone USB logicboard Repair, LG Cell Phone USB logicboard Repair, Huawei Cell Phone USB logicboard Repair, and ZTE Cell Phone USB logicboard Repairs among many others. Over charging your USB device can caused your cell phone battery and orlogicboard to malfunction.

Help prevent Damage to your Cell Phone or Tablet

  • 1. Use an OEM USB charger
  • 2. Don't pull your USB charger out of your cell phone or tabletlogicboard
  • 4. Gently remove your USB charger out of your cell phone or tablet
  • 4. Don't over charge your cell phone or tablet battery
  • 5. Use personal firewalls
  • 6. Back up your data early and often to iCloud
  • 7. Use surge surpressors for power surges when charging your cell phone or tablet

Our expert USB logicboard and electronic soldering professionals will restore your devicelogicboard to it's previous state.

What to expect when replacing your USB logicboard!

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